Running into Massashoesetts

25 Apr

Because Massachusetts is so active, it’s no surprise many world-renowned footwear brands have made the Commonwealth home.

Boston-based Converse is a classic brand with timeless memories: Julius Erving defying gravity in the All Stars, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson dueling in the Weapons, or just you and your very first pair of Chuck Taylors (which are still a fashion staple today). Now with its flagship store on Lovejoy Wharf – complete with a unique customization experience – the brand will usher in a new era of style.

Reebok has always been a revolutionary brand. In the 80s, Reebok saw the ascension of fitness culture and introduced the Freestyle, the first sneaker designed and marketed for women. Then came the Pump in the 90s, which had basketball players thinking they could jump a little higher. Now, Reebok has redefined itself again, focusing on running. As the company moves to the Seaport District, we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Speaking of running, Saucony is a brand that runners trust, as their S logo has adorned the feet of some of the world’s elite marathoners. The Waltham company also has a cool habit of collaborating with local shops to create one-of-a-kind kicks. They even created special shoes in honor of the MBTA and Boston Marathon.

Saucony always has great marathon collaborations, but the world’s oldest marathon officially runs in Adidas. For 30 years now, the three stripes has been the official footwear and apparel supplier of the Boston Marathon. As one of the top athletic brands in the world, its strong commitment to the town of Canton will prove to be fruitful for the Commonwealth.

New Balance is another shoe brand with it’s sole planted in the Commonwealth, and has long been a runner’s favorite and a New England trademark. Now that the famous company has nestled into its new home at Boston Landing in Brighton, you can expect them to continue to commit to excellence in footwear design and state-side manufacturing.

Another home-town favorite is Rockport, which gets its namesake from the town in Massachusetts, and is a classic brand that caters to all of your footwear needs, from active hiking boots and sneakers, to stylish Oxfords, heels, flats, and sandals. With their move to a gorgeous new space in Newton, their creative team is sure to hit the ground running.

Each spring, runners rekindle their relationship with the road, from the shorelines through Heartbreak Hill, to the tangled, wooded trails of the Berkshires. It’s no surprise to see a runner zooming by in a pair of colorful sneakers, looking down to check their time, while their ear buds are blaring. We salute the long time enthusiasts and those who are just starting out on their running journey.

Lace them up, get out there, and hit the pavement!