“60 Days of Summer” Promotion back at the Basketball Hall of Fame

12 Jul

BHOF LogoThe Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame will once again be hosting its annual “60 Days of Summer Program“.  Run through the months of July and August, the program will offer 60 straight days of family orientated museum programming.  Throughout the program, the Hall of Fame will host various appearances from those in the basketball world and beyond, including autograph signings, magicians, trick dribblers, jugglers, mascot days and giveaway days.

All appearances at the Hall of Fame will be free to attend for guests and will begin promptly at 1:00 PM.  Almost every appearance will include an autograph session that day.  The list of appearances is located below:

July 1: Lynette Woodard

July 2: Contest Day

July 3: Skills Clinic

July 4: Independence Giveaway Day

July 5: Skills Clinic

July 6: Sheryl Swoopes

July 7: Shannon Brown

July 8: Tom Jernstedt

July 9: Contest Day

July 10: Sean Elliott

July 11: Dick Bavetta

July 12: Basketball Hall of Fame Staff Skills Clinic- All Ages

July 13: Denise Curry

July 14: Mark Eaton

July 15: Brandon Bass

July 16: Contest Day

July 17: Skills Clinic

July 18: Jim Calhoun

July 19: Rebecca Lobo

July 20: Magic Dave

July 21: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

July 22: Ed O’Bannon

July 23: Contest Day

July 24: TBD

July 25: TBD

July 26: George McGinnis

July 27: Dennis Scott

July 28: Tracy McGrady

July 29: TBD

July 30: Contest Day

July 31: TBD

August 1: Adriean Payne

August 2: UMass Men’s Basketball Clinic

August 3: Kevin “Showboat” Jackson

August 4: Tony Allen

August 5: Meet Your Favorite Star Wars Character

August 6: Contest Day

August 7: UMass Men’s Basketball Clinic

August 8: Donovan Mitchell

August 9: Dan Issel

August 10: Glenn Robinson III

August 11: TBD

August 12: TBD

August 13: Contest Day

August 14: TBD

August 15: TBD

August 16: Muffet McGraw

August 17: TBD

August 18: Mannie Jackson

August 19: TBD

August 20: Lucille O’Neal

August 21: TBD

August 22: TBD

August 23: TBD

August 24: Michael Beasley

August 25: Brad Stevens

August 26: TBD

August 27: Contest Day