Lowell Spinners Notable Alumni

Jacoby Ellsbury throwing baseball in Lowell Spinners game

Have you ever wondered where some of the former Lowell Spinners players ended up in their baseball careers? It isn’t uncommon to see former Spinners players called up to the Major Leagues, especially considering the Lowell Spinners are affiliated with the Boston Red Sox. Here are a few Lowell Spinners notable …

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Where to Watch the Red Sox in Boston


Due to the popularity of the Red Sox, tickets are often hard to come by. When they are available, tickets can be very expensive. Because of this, area bars near Fenway open their doors on game days for local Sox fans without tickets to gather and partake in Red Sox …

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Red Sox Patriots’ Day Celebration


Every year since 1959, the Red Sox celebrate Patriots’ Day and the Boston Marathon by playing at Fenway Park. Bostonians have excitedly filled Fenway Park and Kenmore Square to celebrate Patriots’ Day for over 50 years. In the area, people enjoy the marathon, food, and, of course, baseball. Planning on …

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Red Sox Home Opener 2015

Fenway Park

There’s one day during the year that gets everyone in Boston excited. One day that livens up the city a bit more than usual. That day comes in the form of MLB’s Opening Day in late March or early April. Opening day has captured the hearts of America for well …

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Where to Watch the Boston Marathon


Watching the Boston Marathon is always quite an event itself. Between the crazy support posters you may see to the energy from the rowdy crowd you are bound to have a good time. It all comes down to one essential question, where to watch the Boston Marathon. It all depends …

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Marathon Monday: A Drinking Guide

Boston Marathon

If you are like most young professionals in Boston, you welcome marathon Monday for a few reasons. Chances are you probably get that day off of work, Fenway Opens, the Boston Marathon goes off, and you get to sit with a beer in your hand all day if you want …

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Boston Marathon Hotels

The Boston Marathon is more than just a race for most people. It is a bold statement of dedication, a burning passion, and a way of life for marathon participants. The 2015 Boston Marathon is expected to bring around 30,000 runners and countless spectators. The marathon has only continued to …

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Sports Tourism in Massachusetts

Honors ring bhof

Boston sports fanatic?  Check out our list of statues, museums, restaurants and more that honor some of the best athletes and teams to represent Massachusetts, from the bronze statue of Red Auerbach and his infamous cigar in Faneuil Hall to the Bleacher Bar, located right next to center field in …

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2015 Frozen Four – The Inside Scoop

For visitors and residents alike, it’s easy to understand that Boston, Massachusetts is one of the most sports-centric cities in the country. Whether it’s baseball, basketball, football or hockey, Boston sports fans treat athletes like family and root for them on a life-long basis. Much like Fenway Park and Gillette …

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Frozen Four History

Let’s take a look inside the history of the NCAA Men’s Ice Hockey Frozen Four Championship. For those of you who don’t know what the Frozen Four is, it signifies the championships in men’s ice hockey to determine the top team in the NCAA Division I and NCAA Division III …

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