Lowell Spinners Notable Alumni

Have you ever wondered where some of the former Lowell Spinners players ended up in their baseball careers? It isn’t uncommon to see former Spinners players called up to the Major Leagues, especially considering the Lowell Spinners are affiliated with the Boston Red Sox. Here are a few Lowell Spinners notable alumni that have been called up to the Majors.

Lowell Spinners Notable Alumni You May Recognize:

Jacoby EllsburyJacoby Ellsbury throwing baseball in Lowell Spinners game

Ellsbury started his career in professional baseball in July of 05’ with the Lowell Spinners. He tied a Spinners baseball record when he stole 3 bases in one game and his one season with the Lowell Spinners included a .317 batting average with 23 stole bases.

The year after playing Spinners baseball, Ellsbury made his way up to the Red Sox after Coco Crisp was injured. The Sox bought his contract and he was called up in June of 2007. He made his major league debut at Fenway Park against the Texas rangers. Ellsbury has made a lot of achievements in his career including being a 2011 All-Star, a 2 time world series champion (in 2007 and 20013), the only Sox player to become a member of the 30-30 club, the winner of the Golden Globe Award, the Silver Slugger Award, and the AL Comeback Player of the Year.

Jackie Bradley Jr.

Jackie Bradley was selected by the Sox in the 2011 MLB draft. In August of 2011, he made his debut playing Spinners Baseball. Between playing for the Lowell Spinners and the Greenville Drive, he had a batting average of .25 in 10 games. The Red Sox even gave him the title of Minor League Defensive Player of the Year in 2012. Bradley made his major league debut on April 1, 2013 and is a current outfielder for the Boston Red Sox.

Hanley Ramirez

At the young age of 18, Ramirez of the Dominican Republic was called up to the Lowell Spinners. It’s safe to say that Hanley didn’t disappoint with a .31 batting average and multiple appearances on Baseball America’s “Hot List”. Ramirez played Spinners baseball well, hitting 9 doubles, 2 triples, 1 homerun and 19 RBI. Not to mention, he also stole 4 bases. It was clear that Ramirez was someone to pay attention to.

Ramirez played for the Red Sox, Florida Marlins, and currently plays for the LA Dodgers. He played in the World Baseball Classic twice and won in 2013, is a three-time time MLB All Star, the National League lead batter of 09’, runs scored leader in 08’, and Rookie of the year in 06’. He also won the Silver Slugger Award twice and is a member of the 30-30 club.

Justin Masterson

Justin Masterson, a Jamaica born player was signed to the minor league and became a started and reliever for the Lowell Spinners in 06’. Masterson got called up for Spring Training in early 08’, and he made his major league debut on April 24th against LA. Masterson spent one year with the Sox and has been playing for the Cleveland Indians since 2009.

Some career highlights include being an All-Star in 2013, being the American League leader in Putouts by a pitched in 2010, striking g out 4 batters in a single inning in 2011, and pitching an immaculate inning in 2014.

It is always so excited when you see a favorite Spinners player called up to the Majors. You can say you saw them when they weren’t making national head lines! To learn more about the Lowell Spinners check out our article on Lowell Spinners History and themed game nights!

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